Storm Safety

How to be prepared for Hurricanes!

With Sandy creeping up the coast there are many concerned parties who don’t know what to do in the case of a hurricane.  Many of these locations haven’t been hit with a hurricane in years!

Here, at Myshopangel we want to make sure everyone stays safe during such a natural disaster, so here are some tips on how to be prepared:

  •  Take precaution and gather information:  Find out when the weather is expected to hit your area, what type of damage may happen, who to call, and of course try to be aware of all evacuation notices.
  •  Create a hurricane preparedness plan.  Come up with a safe meeting space for you and your family in the case of an evacuation or emergency.  Pet owners also have to think of a place where their furry friends will be safe.  Always make sure your contacts are up to date in case you need to communicate with your work, school, and other relatives,
  •  In the case that you do not evacuate be careful of tornados that are spawned by hurricanes, and of course the calm of the storm, or the eye of the storm.
  •  And finally always make sure you have a supply kit.  General items include batteries, AM/FM Radio, Water, Non-Perishable foods, Flashlights, and Blankets. And of course Charge your Cell Phones!


No matter who you vote for, it’s your voice.

As Election day gets closer it is important to think about voting.  Some of you may be thinking why it is important to vote and there are many reasons!  Women have only had the right to vote for a little over 100 years, and many men fought and died in the Revolutionary war for democracy.

MyShopAngel wants everyone to get out to vote!  No matter your ideas or beliefs everyone has the right, and everyone should use that right!

If you want to sport your choice to vote, we have many options.  One of our most popular choices are our tote bags.  They  come in many color and have big imprint areas so you voice is known!  And many of our options come with one day production and can be less than $1 a unit!






Just remember that November 6th is Election Day, so get registered (if you’re not), find your voting post, and VOTE!

Big or small, save them all!

This year, get creative when it comes to promoting Breast Cancer Awareness with products and catch phrases that everyone will fall in love with. Whether your hosting a fundraiser, a charity breakfast or throwing a spa party, we have the perfect products to suit your event! Here are a few of our favorite ways to show some support during Breast Cancer Awareness month:

Non-Woven Budget Tote in pink

Premium Collapsible Can Insulator  *Eligible for Free Shipping*Non-Woven Economy Tote


How to Celebrate Halloween with MyShopAngel Products!


 Creepy Crawly Spiders, Spine Tingling Skeletons, and Eerie Ghouls all point to one holiday: Halloween.

MyShopAngel loves to celebrate Halloween, and with the holiday right around the corner everyone is planning their festivities!

We have tons of products to help meet your needs.  Many communities like to create a Halloween celebration to keep trick or treaters safe.  Trunk or Treats and Candy Buybacks are other popular Halloween themed events as well.

Here are some products to keep your Halloween Fun and Safe:

Our Non-Woven Halloween Bags with Glow in the Dark Imprint are perfect to hold all your candy in.  Hand them out at your event for a fun way to both advertise and keep the kids safe!  Don’t forget to add you logo or event imprint for as low as $.99 a piece!




With days getting shorter most trick or treating happens in the dark.  Our Aluminum LED Flashlight is great accessory to give to children to keep safe.  Each flashlight comes with batteries, so nobody will be stuck in the dark.  Add a spooky image to celebrate the holiday all for as low as $2.10 a piece!




Another great way to promote your event is with our Halloween Litterbags.  These bags come in several different styles, so you are sure to find a theme to go with your event.  Add your logo with a message for trick or treaters for as low as $.14 a piece.