No matter who you vote for, it’s your voice.

As Election day gets closer it is important to think about voting.  Some of you may be thinking why it is important to vote and there are many reasons!  Women have only had the right to vote for a little over 100 years, and many men fought and died in the Revolutionary war for democracy.

MyShopAngel wants everyone to get out to vote!  No matter your ideas or beliefs everyone has the right, and everyone should use that right!

If you want to sport your choice to vote, we have many options.  One of our most popular choices are our tote bags.  They  come in many color and have big imprint areas so you voice is known!  And many of our options come with one day production and can be less than $1 a unit!






Just remember that November 6th is Election Day, so get registered (if you’re not), find your voting post, and VOTE!

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