More Cookies and Milk Santa???

Give Holiday Cheer through Baked Goods!

As we all know, December is a time of joy.  Whether it is exchanging gifts, hosting cocktail parties, or playing secret Santa at work, one of the best parts about this time of year is the goodies.  Cookies and other desserts lend the perfect touch to holiday activities.  Cookie swapping is a great activity to get your friends and family together.  Also, if you are on a tight budget baked goods can make great gifts that are not only good to eat, but personal as well.  Here at Myshopangel we have plenty of kitchen accessories that you can hand out to your group to make your holiday goodies!

Now that you have your baking equipment, you will need some recipes to spread your holiday cheer.  Try out one of these recipes to make a statement at your next holiday gathering.

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