Stay Happy and Healthy During Flu Season


So, the time is here. It is officially cold and flu season. Yuck! But before you start using up your sick days, take a look at these top 5 tips for staying happy and healthy this season:

1. Disinfect Regularly. Did you know that the average desk contains 400 times more bacteria than a toilet? Yes, this is a fact.

2. Wash Your Hands …Good. A sufficient wash should be for at least 20 seconds. Just hum the Birthday Song in your head and you’ll be good to go!

3. Flu Shots for Everyone! Don’t hesitate to get flu shots this year. You can now get them at most pharmacies.

4. Work Probiotics into your diet. Now is the perfect time to help improve your immune system’s fighting power!

5. Sick Already? STAY HOME.

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Jan 20-26 is Activity Professionals Week


Take time to Thank your Activity Professionals

What is Activity Professionals Week?

            Activity Professionals Week is a week where we thank the staff at nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals that work with the elderly and handicapped.

Who is an Activity Professional?

            Activity Professionals are employees who provide elderly and disabled  clients opportunities to pursue social, mental, creative, spiritual, and recreational activities.  Some of these activities include leading exercise and stretching classes, planning holiday parties, and coordinating craft and dance activities.  Basically Activity Professionals are there to improve these people’s quality of life.

5 Ways to Thank your Activity Professional

  1. Provide a breakfast buffet or take them out to lunch.
  2. Send an editorial to your local paper about what your Activity Department provides.
  3. Allow them to leave early one day during this week.
  4. Honor your Activity Professionals with a card and/or flowers.
  5. Purchase promotional products from MyShopAngel and give them to the staff.



New Year Means New Savings!


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