Eating for Healhty Living

Eating for Healhty Living

The importance of a healthy diet can’t be overstated. A proper diet can lead to a longer life, a decreased risk in illness and can help maintain a healthy weight. Here are a few promotional products that your business can use to help promote healthy living.

Our 3 Piece Salad Shaker Set is a convenient way to always carry a healthy meal with you. Salads are easy to make and are a good way to make sure you get your daily recommended intake of vegetables. This set holds up to four cups of salad and come with a removable dressing container and fork. You can imprint a logo on the side of the cup for marketing exposure when you’re on the go!

Soups are healthy and delicious meal to have especially when they’re homemade. Pre-made canned soups can be high in excess sodium, but homemade soups are great low-calorie meals you can enjoy. Our Cool Gear® Soup To Go lets you take your dish with you and comes with a spoon that folds into the cover, so you can enjoy a bowl of soup wherever you go!

Water is extremely important for a healthy body and doctors recommend we drink 6-8 cups a day. We have several different kinds of water bottles for you to choose from to help reach this goal. Our Collapsible Water Bottle rolls up when not in use to easily fit inside your pocket, purse or bag. Imprint a logo or slogan on the side to promote your business and the importance of a healthy diet.

Not only is buying and preparing your own food healthier for you, it’s also cheaper! Instead of having to buy a lunch or dinner everyday, for the same price you can cook food at home and store leftovers for several days. Our EZ Freeze Square Food Storage Container is not only great for storing food, but also an ideal travel container for picnics and tailgating.

Finally, it’s also important to keep proper exercise as well as a healthy diet. Our Fitness Journal can keep track of not only weight, but estimated daily caloric needs, estimated calories burned and estimated calories burned during exercise. This is a great promotional item for gyms to distribute to help people keep track of their daily caloric intake and promote their business at the same time!

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