Manage Your Stress for Healthy Living!

Manage Your Stress for Healthy Living!

Stress is often called “the silent killer.” While feeling stressed is normal, too much stress can lead to cognitive, physical, behavioral, and emotional changes in a person. Here at MyShopAngel, we have promotional items for you and your employees to help reduce stress.

A classic item, stress balls are a popular way to reduce stress. One of our most popular stress balls is the Smile Stress Reliever. Squeezing one of these is a great way to reduce tension and relieve the muscles in your hands to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Aromatherapy is an alternative method that can help relax and clear the mind. Our Invigorate Lotion Pack contains three, single-use packets that are scented with eucalyptus and spearmint. These are a great promotional product for spas and wellness centers to advertise your business and provide stress relief to clients.

Simply being outside on a sunny day can also provide peace of mind. Plan a company picnic on a beautiful day and enjoy the weather. Our Outdoor Picnic Mat in Carrying Case provides a clean surface to sit and eat on, and folds into a self-contained carrying bag for easy transport. Imprint or embroider your company logo on it for advertising exposure, or use them as promotional handouts as well.

Having pets has also been shown to reduce stress in pet owners. Dogs are the most popular pets for their companionship and playfulness. Playing fetch with your dog is not only beneficial for your dog’s health, but yours as well. Our Fido Friendly Flyer is our most popular flyer. It’s a fantastic promotional product for pet stores, vets, and other pet service businesses.

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