Children’s Dental Health


Send patients home with their new toothbrush or other goodies in custom imprinted MPDK915CS Doorknob Bag. By simply adding your contact information in the imprint area, you are creating a useful and handy promotional item that is both cost-efficient and effective.

Need a resourceful and inexpensive way to spread your company’s name and logo? Magnets are a powerful and low cost way to attract customers. Dentists should take advantage of the TN80400620 Tooth Shape Magnet.

The HT9042 Mini Wet Wipe Canister contains 30 wipes that not only kills germs but has a refreshing scent people will love. This is a great product to keep on desks or for events where soap/water might be unavailable. Add this item in a take home bag to promote healthy teeth.

The NWPHC-101 Child’s Guide to Dental Care Coloring Book is the perfect item for waiting rooms and dentist chairs. The book includes pages of great story lines, creative characters and ample room to color in pictures.

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