Your SuperBowl Destination


With Superbowl closely approaching, it’s time to get all the items you need this season!

Want to keep your cold one cold but your hand not so much? Try our Collapsible Bottle Sleeve (MSA20) and Premium Collapsible Can Insulator (MSA21). Our Bottle sleeve fits most types of 12 oz long neck bottles. The Can Insulator fits most 12 oz cans. Both fold flat for pocket or purse storage. They’re perfect for all your events!

Need a football? Try our Large Football. It’s made of PU foam so it’s not as hard as a regular football and it comes in four vibrant colors. Great for a little pre-game (or after game) fun!

Who needs a beer bottle or can when you can have a 14oz Plastic Stein?! This classic stein has a grand tradition of bringing people together. Why not send them home with something to remember?

Random Facts:

Did you know the last five Super Bowls were the most watched US telecasts in history (prior to that was M*A*S*H’s season finale in 1983 with over 106 million views!)? A 30 second ad costs $4.5 million! No wonder they’re so over the top and funny! Next to the Fourth of July, more beer is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day, and 1.23 billion chicken wings are consumed!

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