National Waffle Day!

August 24th is National Waffle Day! Commonly sweet and sometimes savory waffles are a fluffy yet crispy delight for everyone. Stacked high with fruits and nuts, or given a southern twist with fried chicken. The original waffles date back to the 17th century. Go visit you closest waffle house and dig in!

Roller Coaster Day!

Today is a day for the daredevils and adrenaline junkies out there. It's National Roller Coaster Day! Most of us have been on a roller coaster in our lives. Big or small. Fast or slow. Roller coasters are a way to fight your fears and have a wild time. Fun Fact: The tallest roller coaster... Continue Reading →

National S’mores Day

A great time of year to go camping so it would make sense that we would have National S'mores Day too! A sweet treat commonly made on camping trips. The Original Recipe for S'mores was in a Girls Scout book back in 1927. Now we make s'mores flavors for everything! What amazing food combination will... Continue Reading →

Assistance Dog Day

August 4th is National Assistance Dog Day. Today we give thanks to our Canine companies that help many people across the world with everyday tasks. Always loving and by your side when you need them. If you see any Assistance Dogs you wish to thank with a pat or treat please ask their owner if... Continue Reading →

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