8 Useful Reasons Calendars Will Make Your Sales Boom.

Thinking about buying custom calendars for your customers but aren’t too sure what benefits they have to offer versus the other promotional products you already get. I will tell you why we at MyShopAngel think that you should try out something that is new and proven to work.

Do you know why calendars are on of the best custom promotional products your money can buy?

Below are 8 great reasons you should consider custom printed calendars in your next marketing campaign. After reading this you will realize that the calendars do the heavy lifting for you. You have a budget and want to do what is best for your company and your wallet. Spend your hard earned money into advertising and marketing efforts that will actually work. Calendars happen to be practical, fun and creative, budget friendly and long lasting.

1. Long term advertising

Printing your logo and company information on a calendar means it will stay there for a guaranteed time of at least one year. This means great news for you as brand exposure is one of the most important aspects of a marketing campaign. People might keep them in their car, their office or even their home.

2. Low cost per piece versus any other promotional product

For the price of one calendar compared to the length of its advertising life. Calendars are the only promotional product that stand above the rest. It is guaranteed to be seen everyday, several times a day and even possibly by multiple people everyday. The average custom calendars is under a dollar per piece. The amount of people you could reach is insurmountable.

For a relatively small upfront investment has the potential to target hundreds to thousands of customers and even potential customers at one time.

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3. Calendars are still practical

Calendars are still useful as people still like to look and touch a physical product other than constantly utilizing their phone’s calendar where there is no physical attribution. Regardless of what industry you are trying to target, calendars are a great way to get your name and business in the door as another touch point. Every time the customer looks at your calendar, that is another time where your brand will be seen and remembered. Just think about how many times in one day the average person will consult their calendars. It is an astronomical amount of at least 10-15 times a day.

4. Great for customer/business relationships more than any other promotional gift.

Calendars have a higher perceived value to your customers than other promotional products because they are thoughtful gifts that will actually be used. It is quite possible for one person to have a desk calendar at work, a wall calendar at home, one hanging on the wall in a common area. Thinking about promotional gifts, how many key tags or flash drives do people need-most likely only one. You can strategically provide your customers with several calendars to fulfill their scheduling needs and your marketing needs.

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5. Guaranteed repeat business

We all know that it is less expensive to keep and existing customer than acquiring a new one. Allow your customers to remember your company everyday so they come back to you and only you. For an example if you owned a takeout restaurant and you provided your customers with a sticky calendar that they could attach to their fridge or wall at home. They would see your contact information several times a day. When they want food but don’t want to cook, they will see your information and give you a call.

6. Exposure

You are trying to decide what kind of promotional gift to provide for your clients this year. You could call us and place an order for the same bags you ordered last year or you could let our trusted and professional staff help you out on picking the right product for you. With many different price points and styles of products, why go with the bag you got last year? Most people will gift out pens and some sort of key tag. People really only need one of those things and pens switch owners 5-7 in their life-which is great for new potential business but not necessarily for keeping existing customers. Calendars provide your customer with year round advertising which may not be as exciting as a light up billboard or goofy commercial advertisement but is much more effective than those.

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7. Perfect in any business

Custom calendars have a universal appeal. Promotional calendars work great because they appeal to virtually any industry or trade. Everyone uses some sort of organizational tool to provide them with structure for their day. They are very common sights no matter where you go whether it is an office or a home. You can adapt your custom calendars to the interests of your customers which will boost sales within your company.

8. Custom calendars can be fun and creative. They don’t have to be boring!

When it comes to custom calendars the sky’s the limit. Companies can come up with some creative ideas based on their industry. An example, an automotive company might put some images of repaired cars or about the staff members. Maybe they could even put the most common car problems and to easily fix them. They might even put in reminders such as a general maintenance like an oil changes or new wiper blades. Another example is a restaurant can show pictures of their food and alongside have a recipe for it so people can recreate their dish at home. You do not have to stick to the standard calendars that you might see everyday. Make yourself stand out from the other competition by giving  your client a touch point that can be interacted with.

Calendars can also be fun if your provide them for your employees as boring gray cubicles can get boring easily. Spice up your office with customized office cubicles. Decorate your office and have some fun!


Now that you have all of these calendars. You might not be sure what to do with them all.

Here are some useful tips on how to spread your brand:

  • Leave a pile of them on your welcome areas or even at the registers of your favorite business. People will take them and use them.
  • Send some calendars to your current customers thanking them for their business.
  • Drop off some calendars at local businesses for them to hang up. (Great way to get more local business)
  • Hand out your calendars at local events like job fairs and festivities.

Once you distribute these calendars, your customers will keep coming back time and time again for your service or product.

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