What are the Most Useful Promotional Products?

With so many different types of promotional products out there which ones do I choose?

The answer is pretty simple. First you must ask yourself who you are trying to reach with your products and what your budget is.

Below is a list of the 5 most useful types of promotional products and why they are so great.

promotional bags

Bags– There are many different types of bags to choose from and that is why they are great. Maybe you are looking for paper bags for a smaller sized business or maybe you are looking to get Halloween bags to promote your business for that scary night. Either way the choice to choose what is perfect for you is what makes custom bags the number one promotional product to give. People love products that they can actually use. Being able to use a product again and again also gives the consumer an elevated perceived value and is more likely to patronize you as a result. Certain types of promotional bags such as drawstring packs and tote bags can do exactly that. They are made out of durable materials while displaying your logo and company information prominently for all to see.

promotional tumbler

Drink ware– Promotional drink ware is very popular right now for several reasons. The number one reason is quality. Most promotional products are made to meet government standards and regulations making them higher quality. Drink ware is no exception, being made with many different materials such as plastics, ceramics and metals. Ceramic mugs are no longer just boring white cups that people keep at home. They now make on the go ceramic mugs with cork bases, spill proof lids and many different colors for you to choose from. Moving along to other drink ware; people will go out to the big name stores to buy the big name tumbler at any price from $15-$30. When you order a promotional tumbler, you are paying far less for a greater value of getting an imprint on them as well as keeping drinks just as cold or hot as those other tumblers. If price is still a concern after realizing that, there are also hundreds of styles of plastic water bottles that are sure to fit any budget restrictions.

promotional calendars

Calendars– Promotional calendars offer many advantages of other promotional products. Some of those advantages are the exposure of your brand as well as the price per impression. Personalized calendars are the most economical sound product to purchase. With most calendars being a dollar or less, you can buy large quantities of them and pass them out to everyone and their families. Also secondly most important, the brand exposure your will receive from your custom calendars is astounding. People look at their calendars several times a day whether it is to write down appointments or just checking the days of the week. People look at them all of the time and it isn’t just the people you gift them to either. If someone hangs a calendar in their office, whoever walks through will see your company name and information. If this hasn’t convinced you yet, let me provide you with an example. A woman named Julia bought 2,000 calendars and sent out 1,500 of those calendars to her best clients. Julia is a manager at a credit union. So for those 1,500 calendars that got sent to the clients, they could hang them in their home, office or even give them to someone else. That is at least three different places where she can have her brand noticed. For the other 500 calendars she dropped them off at her favorite stores in town for people to take after they cash out. They were gone within 2 days. That means that people that might not be her customers took them to their homes or offices again possibly multiply the amount of business she can receive. Acting in the plan she had for her calendars, she created a web of networking in her town for her business and now many people are aware of her brand and what she does.

promotional tshirts

ApparelApparel makes for a great promotional giveaway as every business needs their employees to be brand ambassadors for them and consumers love free apparel and will sport your logo around town. If you are in a servicing business such as food delivery or an electrician, apparel is great for you. Having your employees wearing your brand while on the clock will give your customers peace of mind when they show up to install a washing machine or fix plumbing. It proves to the customer that they are who they say they are. If customers love your product or service, they will show it by supporting you financially and acting as a walking billboard for you. They will happily wear your brand which ultimately means more business for you. There are also many different types of apparel to choose from such as sweatshirts, uniforms, hats, long sleeve shirts and many more!

promotional tech

TechPromotional technology products are a great way to stay in touch with the most current trends. New products in this category come out everyday as they are ever evolving with our society. To look at tech gifts from another angle, these will allow you to slip your brand into a new market and still acquire business from your original target market. There are many new creative technology products such as mobile accessories or  power banks/chargers that you can offer your customers as well as potential customers at many different price points.

So that concludes the list of the 5 best types of promotional products for your business and why. I hope that this helps you in your search for the right promotional product. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us at MyShopAngel if you have any questions or are ready to order your personalized products.


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