Why pens are the write choice!

Do you know why promotional pens are a great product to use while marketing your brand?

Find the answers below!



Top 5 Products: Writing Instruments are the #2 most sold promotional product, right behind wearables and in front of bags, calendars and drink ware.

Best Overall Value: The cost per impression is less than 1/10th of a cent.

U.S. Consumers: 50% of all U.S. consumers own a logoed writing instrument.

Gender Neutral: Anyone can use a pen, being said women own slightly more logoed pens then men.

Most Useful: 73% of people always keep a pen with them.

More Brand Exposure: The average pen has 8 owners in its lifetime.

Used Daily: 60% of people use a pen 5-10 times in one given day.

Popular: 1 in 4 pens is of a promotional product variety.

Businesses: 79% of businesses use a pen provided from another business.


Now that you know why pens are one of the best promotional products that your money can buy, let me show you some current trends we are seeing at MyShopAngel Promotional Products.

The numbers below reflect this business year trends.


Now that you know what style of pen you want, you need to choose the ink that will work best for you and your brand. Below is a breakdown of some different types of inks that we offer.

Hybrid Ink: This style is the ultimate blend of ballpoint and gel inks. It combines the durability of a ballpoint ink with the smoothness of a gel. The pen glides across the paper because of the higher ink lay down and premium tip design. Hybrid ink resits smearing, clumping, leaking and doesn’t bleed through the paper.


Anti-Fraud Ink: This ink adheres to the ISO 12757-2 standards for ballpoint pens and refills for general and document use. This includes testing for resistance to UV, water, eraser, ethanol, bleaching, hydrochloric acid and ammonium hydroxide.

  • Helps prevent check washing
  • Helps prevent document fraud
  • The ink becomes trapped in paper making it virtually impossible to erase or alter important documents
  • Works well for record keeping since ink is fade resistant and prevents re-entries and adjustments

check writing.jpg

Now that you know a little more about what pens have to offer you and your business. Click here to go over to MyShopAngel Promotional Products and browse our wide selection of writing instruments.


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