Martin Luther King Day

January 15th marks the Birthday of Dr. Marin Luther King Jr. On this day we can reflect on the changes Dr. King made and how they will impact our lives forever.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is mostly known for his public speaking and peaceful movements against racial segregation. His boycotts against assign bus seats, peace marches, and iconic speeches are known all around the world.

How do we celebrate today?

Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday, so many schools and civil servants have the day off. As for others its a reminder to how Dr. King was able to inspire, bring peace, and change the world. It is also used to see how far things have changed, even though there is still a ways to go. It can be a reminder to all of us to treat each other fairly and be respectful to all as you wish to be respected. Over years this holiday is also become a day to give back and help others less fortunate. A way to give hope and inspiration like Dr. King did.

I Have A Dream

‘I Have A Dream’ was the speech Dr. King spoke that earned him his reputation as one of the greatest public speakers in American history. This speech is commonly broadcast today so Americans can hear and relive and important part of history.


Remembering A Tragedy

The promoting of peace was ended on April 4th, 1968, when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot on a balcony of a hotel he was staying at. This single bullet shot ended up taking his life. This day becomes bookmarked as the day Dr. King was assassinated. Shortly news broke of his death, riots erupted all over cities across America. Days after, King’s widow Coretta Scott King lead thousands in a silent march to remember him and sending a message through peace, not violence.

What should we take from this?

Time has brought many changes to the ways today is looked at and thought of. Having it be talked about yearly is extremely important in reminding and teaching new generations the importance of equality and standing together to bring peace and fight for what you believe in and what is right. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man that many people still can and always, learn from.

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