3 New Trending Styles You Should Be On The Lookout For.

Having the the newest trending promotional gifts on the market are ESSENTIAL to all business. They leave a long lasting impression on any client including the younger generations and contain a higher perceived value. Outdated marketing can unfortunately make your respected business look outdated and less professional. This is why it is exceptionally important to keep your marketing campaigns up to date down to the details of which color you should get on your next tote bag . Don’t waste your money and time on something that doesn’t WOW the crowd. Giving away a thoughtful personalized item that stands out can do the trick and increase your future success!

Whether its drink ware, apparel, pens or calendars, we all strive to have the newest and most stylish items on hand. There are several trending styles in the retail and promotional product world. Some of these styles are as follow.

Heather– Interwoven yarns of mixed colors producing smaller areas of an alternate Image result for heatheredcolor. This style is very popular in many apparel items as well a good quality bags. This look is in and here to stay as it looks very contemporary. It is normally done with grays and blacks but can be done with any color. MyShopAngel offers several different products that would be great for your next marketing campaign. This new trend can be seen just about anywhere that you go which means you should get your business involved and hand out these items at local events suchs as fundraisers and company parties. Below are some examples of products that we offer which are heathered in several colors other than grays.

This is our Heathered Toiletry Bag which is offered at as low as $2.98 per piece. It comes in five different heathered colors and has many different imprint colors to match your branding.

Heathered Toiletry Bag

This is our Delta® Ringspun 30/1’s Junior V-Neck Tee which is great for fundraising events such as Breast Cancer Awareness and even as corporate gifts for an as low as price of $4.39 per piece. This shirt will make your brand be recognized by all that see this shirt.

Delta® Ringspun 30/1's Junior V-Neck Tee







Marble– This is a desired stylish trend that is favored because it is considered earth friendly because it comes from the earth naturally and does not pollute the air or water being used. This trend is also timeless. Many manufactured items now a days look the same. Marble is something that has been around and used for thousands of years and is affilated with luxury. It is a great way to stand out from the crowd of competition.Marble represents being sturdy and strong. This is great for your business because people will affiliate that sense with your business. Try somethin new and don’t be afraid to try a modern style of product that you haven’t had printed before. These items will be a success with your clients and staff! Below are some of our marble products that we offer.

This is our 5×7 Marbled Notebook. It containsplenty of pages to right all of your notes and other information and makes your brand look great while doing it. This notebook is offered at as low as $1.99 per piece and can make your brand stick out from the rest.

5" x 7" Marbled Notebook

This is our Marble Mug which is offered at as low as $3.25 per piece and offers many different imprint colors. This stylish mug can be a great way to expand your market to new customers as a welcome gift.

Marble Mug

Metallic– The last trend that I will cover today is metallic look products. This trend isn’t necessarily products that are actually made from metal, more the shine from metallic itemized into other materials. This style is common in apparel and drink ware. Metallic items get your attention and will grab the eye of your client!

Below are some examples of our metallic styled products.

This is our 16 oz. Metallic Strip Mug which is offered in two metallic colors with many imprint colors availabel for as low as $1.89 per piece. Great for hotels, spas, restaurants, and many other areas of business.

16 Oz. Metallic Stripe Mug


This is our 12 oz. Cotton Cosemetic Bag which is as low as $2.15 per piece and is offered in two metallic colors. This bag combines natural looks with metallic looks for a great looking bag that can promote your business well.

12 Oz. Cotton Cosmetic Bag with Metallic Accent

The last product I want to show you that can help increase your customer base is the 12 oz. Iridescent Ceramic Mug. This is a ceramic mug that is offered in several different metallic colors and is as low as $1.99 per piece. This new mug is becoming one of our top sellers that everyone loves to use.

12 Oz. Iridescent Ceramic Mug

When it comes time to promote your company, you want the best. So give it those new promotional products that people are eating up and expand your current customer base and watch your business grow. Consumers want what is popular and useful. When you provide them with these awesome products, they will continue to come back to you time and time again. If you have any questions please feel free to call our customer service staff (1-800-495-4176) as they can help you pick the exact item you want to promote your company with.





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