Why Brand Awareness is Important to Grow Your Business.

Brand recognition is something that we all do daily whether we realize it or not. We pass by that beautiful green and black mermaid artwork and crave caffeine! That’s because Starbucks brand recognition is universally powerful, recognizable and effective. When we see red and yellow or the big “M” many of us think “McDonalds” and subconsciously think of that one particular burger we like. brand_identity-01.png

Let us start out by describing what brand awareness even means. TechTarget states the definitions as follows. Brand recognition is extent to which a consumer can correctly identify a particular product or service just by viewing the product or service’s logo, tag line, packaging or advertising campaign. Now what is a brand? A brand is the meaning behind your company name, logo, slogans and symbols. Having a memorable brand helps you build your recognition with your target markets.

This idea requires the consumer to already have known the brand. For this to be accomplished the origination must continuously provide their customers with consistent visual and/or auditory learning experiences.

This term is not to be confused with brand awareness which means that the consumer is aware that the brand exists.

Brand recognition is of the upmost importance when deciding to launch new product lines or services. It will drive the consumer to choose you as opposed to competing businesses. This idea encourages a constant drive of repeat business in turn increasing sales.

The First Step

The very first thing an advertiser must do is to build brand awareness then leading to recognition. You have to show them who and what you are and why they should go with you as opposed to your competition. Messages can be delivered through various methods such as promotional products or even social media. You have to make people aware and drive traffic to your company.It is important to remember to present your brand consistently no matter where you are, and that means social media too!

Be Proactive with Social Media

We are in a time of ever changing technology, making brand recognition more and more important than before. The reason being is that almost every person has easy access to some sort of computing device whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop/desktop allowing them to easily communicate with others in a matter of no time about good or bad things about your company. This is why you must be quick and proactive with your marketing materials on social accounts.This can be great for your business if you use it well and adapt to all of the changes. If you are proactive with building your brand online, that will provide your customers with a better brand experience whether they are loyal customers or potential customers.


(Image Source: https://www.business2community.com/infographics/important-brand-identity-infographic-01197538)

Brand Recognition Drives Repeat Business
Many purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, our brain uses shortcuts to make decisions so we do not become overwhelmed. With a great campaign that is completely focused on your company and brand, you will narrow your audience and make them feel connected to your brand. This is the reason you only get your pizza from the ma & pizzapop pizzeria on the corner. They have provided you with the identifiable product that you have come to enjoy and  know. When you go there, you know exactly what to expect from them. Brand recognition affects perceptions and attitudes of a company or product/service which in turn drives brand loyalty.What is described above is a great example of the highest lever of brand recognition which is mind awareness. It is defined as when a customer thinks of you first before other competition when they need a service or product within your market. This gives your business a huge advantage over the others in your market.


Increasing Your Market Value

When you are early to advertise and have built some great recognition, you are raising a barrier against other competitors. It makes your competitors have a hard time to penetrate the share of the market that you have already acquired. Marketing and advertising must be done aggressively to drive brand recognition and that converts into market share. Brand recognition has no financial value by itself but is indeed part of the entire marketing drive to increase sales.

There are many ways that you can increase your brand recognition with consumers. Make your brand mean something so it doesn’t look like you are just another sales pitch. Your marketing will vary from year to year, but with a consistent message your business can be first in mind when they are shopping around.

So why promote your brand on promotional products? They leave lasting impressions on the majority. People are visual creatures by nature meaning they often remember a visual on their favorite mug or pen. Promotional products are used for brand recognition which can grow any business. Having your brand being promoted on items can increase company sales and spread visual awareness not only to your clients, but others that might be potential customers . It could potentially get them over the hump if you are a little later than you competition.


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