Looking Fore The Perfect Golf Tournament Giveaways?

Golf season is right around the corner and before you know it your next tournament will be here. You want to make sure that you plan a successful fundraiser. There are several basic aspects to think of while planning a golf tournament fundraiser. You will want raffles, giveaways, gifts and prizes for contests. It is important to select the best golf products that will please everyone and will give them an incentive to continue to participate and donate. You will want to be very familiar with the items below.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls-Refurbished

These golf balls are considered the creme of the crop for both quality and popularity among the most serious golfers. You might consider the your audience and give these balls a shot. These are Titleist golf balls collected from golf courses and ponds all over America and refinished to appear and act brand new. These are refurbished directly from Titleist Pro.

Golf Divot Repair Tool

The divot repair tool is a must have item for all golfers. This tool is one of the most basic accessories, so be sure to find a quality tool that all your golfers will want to keep and use again. This is a low cost and popular item that shows your name to clients each time it is used.

Golf Kits

Golfers will be appreciative if you put a nice golf kit on top of their bags before they hit the green. These kits can have a variety of items that the golfers will find useful. Anything from golf tees, to water bottles, to towels, sunscreen and bug repellent. Be sure to hand one out to every golfer and they will be happy to avoid sunburn or bug bites during their time playing.

Golf Towels

There are a few sizes of golf towels that can be imprinted on with your logo. The smaller towels are great for wiping off golf balls, clubs and even sweat on as needed basis. These can be inserted into their pockets or even clipped onto their belts. The larger towels can be used to cover their golf bags. Towels can be screen printed or embroidered with your logo. This is a popular giveaway that is used for years by the recipient.

Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas are a gift that keeps giving. Players will enjoy it for sun and rain while out on the green as golfers are dedicated to the game and will play in almost all rainy conditions. The larger the umbrella the better for maximum coverage. These can be used as prize items or even as regular giveaways. The large imprint area will showcase your logo for everyone to see.

Golf Bags

Many people already have their own golf bags that they love, but if you can find one of higher quality the players might want to trade up to yours. If it is made of better quality materials too, the golfers might be enticed to win the prize.

Golf Awards

Looking to congratulate the winner of the tournament with something nice that they can remember the day by? Awards are a great way to do this. Offered in many different styles and materials, golfers will be proud to have an award to show off their talent of winning the golf contest.


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