What is new during COVID-19?

Some of you may be asking what is new in the promotional products world. Right now there is a lot that is new for us. Going through the Covid-19 crisis like everyone else is new to us having to turn over our factories to maintain social distancing standards as well as producing as many PPE products as possible to assist in this pandemic. Production times for specific products have skyrocketed for items such as hand sanitizer and other various items that are in high demand right now. Many deliveries are shipping back to our factories because businesses are closed nationwide therefore not accepting deliveries. Many reunions and other various summer events have been canceled due to larger gatherings. 

When the pandemic first started hitting us here in the United States, consumers had purchased hand sanitizers from their local stores and bought almost all of them to the point stores and to limit the quantity people could buy. People got desperate and within two days all hand sanitizers from all factories were tied up in sales and stock was diminished like nothing. We have been trying to make more to fulfill the high demand but it is a long road ahead. We are able to offer hand sanitizers right now that are shipping out in July if ordered today.

The next thing that was demanded from our business were face masks, we sold and provided N95 masks as well as KN95 until the stock was depleted and the KN95 masks were no longer considered acceptable to use by the medical industry. We had to start on alternative masks for citizen use once our medical-grade masks were done with. We offer several different styles of masks for citizen use that will protect you. Most of these masks are produced in the United States due to the quick turnaround times that are needed to fit the county’s needs. Many styles of these masks can also be imprinted to display a logo or even a message in safety.

We are also producing and selling other various items to spread awareness for social distancing as well as items to promote cleanliness. We offer face shields and vinyl decals to mark six feet of separation. These items will help businesses control the flow of customers to have everyone be safe. This is a new time for all of us and a perfect time to think of other ways we can maintain wellness such as tissues and antimicrobial products and thermometers.

Many customers are ordering items that allow them to express messages while maintaining distance from one another. Many schools and parents are utilizing lawn signs and vehicle decals to congratulate schools and colleges all over. People are having drive-by parades to celebrate and congratulate people for birthdays too! This is the time to come together and help one another out for the betterment of our society. This is the first time we have gone through a situation as this so let us make it the best for everyone. Though many of us are working from the comfort of our homes, we are open and here for you! Please feel free to contact us anytime if you need help with any event that you may have coming up and remember to stay positive and stay safe.

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