Promotional Ideas for the New Year

With a new year comes new beginnings. When it comes to promotional products, it can be difficult to stay up to date with what is new, trendy, and popular. After the Holiday season, it may feel like things start to slow down, but they don’t have to! Staying on top of the game is a great way to have a strong and unforgettable brand. Since finding the information you are looking for can be difficult, I am here to help! We have put together some insight and information on promotional ideas for the New Year.

Tradeshow Season.

The start of the New Year is typically when promotional industries and businesses like to do tradeshows. Due to uncertain times, these will vary. There are other ways around this though! You can still showcase, promote, and share your products with customers and clients.

Social Media is more important than ever as it is one of if not the most popular way to communicate currently. The ability to spark conversations, post articles, share insight, post images, and more make it ideal for showcasing your products. Images are a great way to get people interested in what you have to show. Give people the opportunity to win promotional items like bags and drinkware. Contests are fun and a great way to use your products on social media to build up your viewer base.

Virtual events are popular as you can get the interaction and information you want from a tradeshow in the safety of your home/office. You can use a virtual event to keep your audience up to date with any current or new events happening. A great way to incorporate promotional products is to have mailed out giveaways to people who sign up or attend your virtual events. This can supply a similar feel that a tradeshow will have and help increase your brand recognition by getting your products out in consumer’s hands.

Warm and Cozy

          The first few months of the year are typically very chilly for many of us. There are a wide variety of products out there that can be considered warm and cozy. Blankets, knit hats, jackets, mugs, and insulated drinkware are some great examples. It is always good to adapt to what is current. Being that it is winter, leaning towards products like these are more likely to give you and your audience a stronger connection and impact them more.


         Current times are more virtual and remote than ever before. Most people have some form of mobile device or technology within arm’s reach. Promotional products of this category are at an all-time high. As people work from home the need for flash drives, cable organizers, chargers, and other tech. accessories keep rising. These types of products are sought out for and always have a strong reuse value from receivers. Anything that can connect to a phone is a great choice in advertising your brand.

What’s Popular?

         PPE products are in high demand as we are still working through a pandemic. Hand sanitizers, face masks, and antibacterial products are most popular. The importance of staying safe and healthy makes items like these have even more value than the standard pen or bag. We all want to work together and care for each other, and products like these assist in doing so.

         Personalizations are fun and heartfelt ways to not just give someone a product, but to also make it a gift. Personalized products are kept much longer than most standard products, especially drinkware, portfolios, and bags. It is a great way to reach out to people individually. Making your first impression is important and could be what supplies you with a lifelong customer.

         Drop shipping is becoming more and more common when giving out products. Due to less communication in person, drop shipping lets you get your products to all of your products to everyone. It is a very efficient way to keep your advertising game strong during current times. 

So these are a few ideas to help kick off the New Year and bring your ideas to life through promotional advertising. Even though these were just a few ideas to get you going, they may have not been something that fits your company or brand. That’s okay! MyShopAngel is always here to supply you with resources or even help you pick out what is a perfect fit for your company. So if nothing here sparked your interest. Give us a call or come chat with us online. We love to hear from you and help as much as we can!

Happy New Year.

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