Happy Hanukkah

Tonight starts the first night of Hanukkah. MyShopAngel would like to wish all of those who celebrate; to have a Happy Hanukkah. This festive holiday last for 8 days to symbolize the 8 days the Menorah lasted for The Maccabees during their rebellion. These 8 days are consisted of many things including feasts, music, games,... Continue Reading →

Have a brownie today!

We have quite the sweet tooth here at work. So of course we are ready to celebrate National Brownie Day! Chewy and gooey brownies are a dessert that is enjoyed by most. Biting into a warm brownie gives you a sweet satisfaction like no other. A fun tip for cooking; if you like your brownies... Continue Reading →

Why pens are the write choice!

Do you know why promotional pens are a great product to use while marketing your brand? Find the answers below!   THE POWER OF THE PEN Top 5 Products: Writing Instruments are the #2 most sold promotional product, right behind wearables and in front of bags, calendars and drink ware. Best Overall Value: The cost per... Continue Reading →

Halloween Time!

First off, Happy Halloween! We hope your day is filled with some goodies from work and from your kids' candy bag! Do you know the origins of Halloween? Below describes the true origins of what we know as Halloween today. From History.com "Halloween is an annual holiday, celebrated each year on October 31, that has... Continue Reading →

A Pen Can Do That?

Every now and then there is a new custom product that comes through our offices and impresses us. The Eclaire Illuminated Stylus is that pen. A metallic looking barrel with a great rubber grip designed for comfort and even a stylus on top for all of our devices. Now let’s get to the impressive part.... Continue Reading →

New & Improved Blog

We have revamped and redesigned our blog to meet your demands. Now mobile friendly and stuffed with great content that will interest you. Come check it out and see all that we have to offer.

Fire Prevention Week

  October 8th-14th is Fire Prevention Week. It is reminder to how easily fires can start but how we can also prevent them. Remember to be safe and smart. The NFPA has information on fire hazards and other ways to make extra precautions. Take a moment to refresh your memory so you stay safe this... Continue Reading →

National Taco Day!

Soft shell, hard shell, or even in a salad. Today is the day to enjoy a taco! National Taco Day is here and its time to eat up. Make your own or find an authentic restaurant to meet your taco needs! The tacos origin is not confirmed but is believed to start by miners in... Continue Reading →

National Coffee Day

About 83% of Americans drink coffee. On average 587 million cups of coffee are consumed in the US each year. Coffee is fuel for some and even a sweet treat for others. National Coffee Day is no exception. Now you have an excuse to drink an extra cup or two. You might want to make... Continue Reading →

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