Happy Kwanzaa

Here at MyShopAngel we would like to wish those who celebrate, a Happy Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa begins today Dec. 26th and last through the new year. For seven days people of African descent celebrate their heritage, and what it means to be African. Kwanzaa or "First Fruits" in Swahili is commonly celebrated by going over seven... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Hello bloggers. For those who celebrate, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas! By now Santa has made his rounds and families everywhere are spreading love and joy. Christmas time brings out the best in people and is a great reminder of the importance of giving and helping out one another in your family,... Continue Reading →

Happy Hanukkah

Tonight starts the first night of Hanukkah. MyShopAngel would like to wish all of those who celebrate; to have a Happy Hanukkah. This festive holiday last for 8 days to symbolize the 8 days the Menorah lasted for The Maccabees during their rebellion. These 8 days are consisted of many things including feasts, music, games,... Continue Reading →

Have a brownie today!

We have quite the sweet tooth here at work. So of course we are ready to celebrate National Brownie Day! Chewy and gooey brownies are a dessert that is enjoyed by most. Biting into a warm brownie gives you a sweet satisfaction like no other. A fun tip for cooking; if you like your brownies... Continue Reading →

Why pens are the write choice!

Do you know why promotional pens are a great product to use while marketing your brand? Find the answers below!   THE POWER OF THE PEN Top 5 Products:¬†Writing Instruments are the #2 most sold promotional product, right behind wearables and in front of bags, calendars and drink ware. Best Overall Value: The cost per... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving

What are we thankful for? The answer may differ, but at MyShopAngel we all are thankful for you. Without you we would not have be where we are today. We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. It is time to gather with friends, family and loved ones to take a break from hardships and... Continue Reading →

The Power of Promotional Bags

The Power of Promotional Bags A recent national study gauged the effectiveness of promotional products versus other advertising media. The study surveyed end buyers to identify how promotional products motivate, influence and impact recipients. These findings were used to formulate the cost-per-impression of a promotional product over more traditional media, like prime time television, national... Continue Reading →

Veteran’s Day

November 11th is Veterans Day. Life comes with many hardships. Veterans of the Armed Forces have helped us feel safe and free to enjoy our privileges. Their courage and valor is sometimes forgotten about; that is why we have Veteran's Day as a reminder of the sacrifices and struggles that the women and men of... Continue Reading →

Are You Shaving?

This November is a great time to give thanks, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner. Sometimes though, people need help and November is a great time to help those affected with cancer. As we all know cancer warriors typically lose their hair, so lets embrace our hair and let it grow crazy as part... Continue Reading →

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